CleanAir Europe puts all the technical expertise of its operational team at your disposal for the maintenance, diagnosis and repair of your gas analysis and detection systems.

Our maintenance operations follow a strict quality process and are carried out in accordance with manufacturers' standards and models, to guarantee optimum use and performance of your measuring instruments, throughout their life cycle.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    We offer two levels of preventive maintenance depending on your use.

  • Free diagnosis

    Our team will carry out a complete diagnosis of your equipment and provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • Reduced downtime

    We intervene according to your requirements, to minimize the downtime of your equipment. All our spare parts are original and available.


    Maintenance contracts adapted to your needs, depending on the size of your analyzer fleet

  • Curative Maintenance

    After identifying the fault, we repair your equipment, whatever the brand.

  • In our offices or directly on site

    Our maintenance operations can be carried out in our workshops or directly on site.

  • Multi Brands & Technologies

    The international dimension of the CleanAir Group gives us multi-brand and multi-technology expertise and know-how.

  • Preferential Rental Rates

    Benefit from preferential rental rates during the period of immobilization of your equipment in maintenance.

We carry out overhauls in line with manufacturers' recommendations, to ensure the long
life of your equipment.
LEVEL I - INTERMEDIATE MAINTENANCEWe carry out more thorough overhauls, recommended annually, or in the event of
intensive use of your measuring equipment.
LEVEL II - ANNUAL MAINTENANCEWhenever necessary, our technical department will provide you with free recommendations
for optimizing your measurement and sampling systems, for longer analysis life
and greater ease of use.
CleanAir Europe offers you two levels of preventive maintenance.
We measure, check, adjust, optimize and fully test
sampling circuits and measuring systems. Instrument response factors are adjusted.
Manufacturers' recommendations are strictly adhered to.
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCECurative maintenance is carried out on request, in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of your
instrument, or if annual maintenance is well overdue. Our teams are on hand to repair your gas analysis systems as quickly as
possible, whatever the make or technology
: Chemiluminescence (CLD), Thermal Conductivity (TCD), Flame Ionization (FID),
Electrochemical (ECD), Ultraviolet (UV/FTUV), Infrared (NDIR), Paramagnetic, PID (Photo Ionization),
Laser Diffraction ...


Our maintenance operations follow a quality process that ensures that your equipment is taken care of in an efficient and transparent manner.

  • Reception

    Our team of technicians performs a general examination of your equipment and informs you of its reception at our premises. A receipt form with the state of the equipment is sent to you by e-mail

  • Diagnosis

    We list all the breakdowns in an exhaustive way, and do not hesitate to dialogue with you in order to go deeper when it is necessary.

  • Quote

    When the final diagnosis is established, an estimate is issued according to the repairs to be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Repair Overhaul

    Our team of technicians will begin repairs as soon as we receive your order.

  • Quality control

    When the work on your equipment is completed, we carry out a quality control.

  • Shipping

    Your equipment is returned to you according to your preferences

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