Entrust us with the metrological verification and calibration of your gas analysis equipment

CleanAir Europe carries out the calibration, verification and adjustment of your measuring devices of all brands and types in order to provide them with a reliable and accurate measurement, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and according to your uses

Our calibration laboratory offers a complete service for the entire life cycle of your measuring instruments in order to comply with the initial specifications.

Our calibration includes the following operations:

Functional tests

Traceable calibration. Report of receipt

Setting the instrument to your specifications

Calibration certificate according to specifications

Maintenance recommendations if necessary

Notification of the next calibration due date.

The certificate allows you to trace the calibration to national standards and to know the metrological performance of your analyzer. In order to help you to draw up your calibration specifications, Cleanair provides you with a calibration guide that you can download from our website.


Our laboratory is equipped to calibrate gas analysers (FID, infrared, ultraviolet, UV chemiluminescence, UV fluorescence, paramagnetic susceptibility...) Reference concentrations are mainly obtained by dilution in nitrogen or in air from gases certified by the producers. Upon receipt, your equipment is checked. We define with you a measurement program. The following concentration steps are performed for linearity: 0% - 70% - 40% - 0% - 60% - 10% - 30% - 90% - 0% of full scale after adjustment to 0% and 80%.

When a calibration certificate is requested, the laboratory shall provide either point deviations (1 to 5 scale points) framed by the uncertainty due to the accuracy and resolution of the indication or a calibration curve and function (at least 6 scale points).

When a verification report is requested, the laboratory pronounces on the conformity to specified requirements which the client must transmit to the laboratory with its request.