Discover a wide range of fixed and portableemission and ambient gas analyzers for all measurement ranges. Emissions, industrial process optimization, leak detection, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, soil remediation...CleanAir Europe offers analysis solutions to suit your applications and projects.

CleanAir Europe offers a wide range of gas analyzers at
emission & process. Improve your performance and maximize the profitability of your
industrial processes, while complying with current environmental standards
. Discover also our instruments designed to monitor
atmospheric emissions: measure, monitor and control
atmospheric discharges from your facilities.
EMISSION & PROCESSDiscover the rangeIndoor and outdoor air quality is a public health concern.
Pollutants such as fine particles, nitrogen oxides, greenhouse gases,
carcinogens and other chemicals have a decisive impact
on human health. At CleanAir Europe, we provide you
with air quality measurement solutions to identify sources
of pollution and quantify their concentration in accordance with current regulations
AIR QUALITYDiscover the rangeAccurately measure the composition of biogas and syngas, including
levels of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other
undesirable compounds. CleanAir Europe has a range of products
dedicated to real-time monitoring of biogas and syngas for efficient
management of your energy resources.
BIOGAS & SYNGASDiscover the rangeMonitor key combustion parameters such as oxygen content
and flue gas temperature to reduce energy costs
and improve the environmental sustainability of your facilities.
We offer a wide range of analyzers to ensure compliance with
French and international regulations on pollutant emissions
COMBUSTIONDiscover the range