Learn more about FID JUM analysis systems

February 2, 2021

CleanAir Europe, the official representative of JUM Engineering in France, Spain and Italy, offers you a wide range of products and services.

Sale of FID JUM Analysis Solutions

  • A complete range of transportable, fixed and portable FID analysers: total VOC analysers, methane and non-methane analysers, VOC trace analysers.
  • A range of complementary equipment for your analysis systems: methane cutters and dilution systems.
  • Availability of original spare parts for your maintenance and repair work: catalyst, pump kit, filter holder, etc.

Rental of FID Analysers

If you want to test the JUM analyzers, think about short term rental!

Maintenance Equipment JUM

Regular maintenance and servicing of your systems is an essential variable to ensure performance, reliability and longevity. CleanAir Europe offers two levels of annual maintenance for your equipment according to JUM Engineering standards.

We take over and intervene within a short period of time, according to your requirements. We carry out measurements, verifications, adjustments, optimizations and complete tests of sampling circuits and measuring systems.

All our spare parts are original and available.

For all your analyzers, we offer you personalized maintenance contracts according to the extent of your park.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Technical Training

CleanAir Europe offers on-site technical training for the level I maintenance of your equipment.

In view of the current health situation, we can also provide our training courses entirely at a distance via videoconference.

The CleanAir Europe team.