CleanAir Europe offers a wide range of equipment and solutions dedicated to the analysis and measurement of exhaust and ambient air gases.

In order to offer the best solutions and alternatives to your needs, CleanAir Europe is positioned as a manufacturer, distributor, integrator and analyst of customized solutions.

Design of gas analysis systems and cabinets

Our experienced analysts in the field of gas analysis will help you define the specifications of your analysis and sampling systems and propose the most suitable solutions for your applications.

CleanAir is a manufacturer of isokinetic sampling systems for wet sampling of dust and gas in ducted discharge.

Thanks to its partnerships with several manufacturers of different technologies of gas analysis systems, CleanAir offers gas analyzers, accessories, spare parts and various consumables to perform:

measures to control air or process emissions

measures to control air quality

various measurements with portable analysers and detectors

Thanks to its know-how and partnerships, CleanAir Europe offers various configurations and models of probes, sampling lines and gas conditioning systems and other accessories to optimize your gas measurements and analyses.

CleanAir has a wide range of used gas analysers. All our second hand equipment is overhauled and calibrated.