Multigas FTIR Analysis System for HCl Measurements

CleanAir Europe has successfully performed the installation and commissioning of an FTIR system for a world leader in the manufacture of fiber optic cables.

The Context

The request from our customer, a manufacturer of fibre optic cables, was very urgent.

Following an inspection by a verification body, our customer discovered that its production had non-compliant levels of hydrogen chloride (HCl) emissions.

Indeed, the manufacture of these cables required a mixture of lime + HCl; the lime being used to dilute the hydrogen chloride concentration. However, the lime injection system was clogged, causing HCL levels above the regulatory thresholds. Our intervention was therefore urgent (within 48 hours), in order to avoid a total shutdown of the production.

Our Solution

CleanAir Europe therefore set up an analysis system for continuous hydrogen chloride measurements. We chose the MKS 2030 to measure HCl: this multi-gas analyser with patented FTIR spectrometer and high-resolution optical bench allowed us to carry out very high precision measurements.

MKS 2030

Multigas FTIR Analyser

AGT-PSG Mobile

Portable Probe


Heated line 3 m


Heated pump


Heated line 15 m


Continuous HCL measurement system

Although our client's immediate need was to get their hydrogen chloride levels back up to standard, our intervention also enabled them to improve their lime injection process.

Our client is now equipped with a continuous HCl measurement system, which will enable it to anticipate any discharges that exceed the regulatory standards set by the DREAL.