Rent your gas analysis system

November 26, 2020

Dear Customers, 

CleanAir offers the largest rental fleet of gas analysers in Europe. Our instruments are designed for the analysis and measurement of atmospheric emissions, as well as for indoor and outdoor air quality measurements.

Several advantages:

- Technical support for the choice of your analysis solution;
- 24 hour delivery in France and 48 hours in Europe;
- New prices revised downwards;
- Technical assistance by phone during the whole rental period;
- Attractive preferential rental/maintenance package.

With our technical expertise, our teams offer you the most relevant configurations and solutions for the implementation of your operations.

CleanAir adapts to your applications by defining the measurement principles and technologies to meet your needs:

- Chemiluminescence (CLD)
- Thermal conductivity (TCD)
- Ultraviolet (UV/FTUV)
- Electrochemical (ECD)
- Paramagnetic (PMA)
- Flame ionization (FID)
- Infrared (IR/NDIR/FTIR)

And more...

Contact us, we will be happy to propose you the most adapted offer to your needs.

The CleanAir Europe team.