Gilair 5 item 462

This personal sampling pump is used to sample various pollutants, dust, VOCs and hydrocarbons. It is used in ambient air.

The GilAir-5 sampling pump can be used for constant flows from 0.5 to 5 l/min. A low flow rate module can be added for lower flows, for either constant flow or constant pressure.

The Gilair 5 is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry.


– Intrinsic safety
– Adjustable flowrate from 850 cc/min to 5000 cc/min and 20- 500 cc with low flow module.
– Battery Life: 8 hours approx.
– Packaged weight for 6 pumps: 7.5 kg, 1 case.
– Weight of a pump: 0.7 kg with charger
– Recommended for use with: 475