Gas Cylinders Item 916 to 929S

Gas cylinders are delivered with a stainless steel or brass AFNOR type C or E pressure reducing valve connector.
Consumption is calculated from the difference in incoming and outgoing pressure, corrected for temperature.
CleanAir can provide a wide range of working standard gases (contact us for more details).
These gases are dispatched with a hazardous material declaration.

Pure gases and standard work gases are certified.

Article      Compound
916          NH3/N2
917          N2O/N2
920          O2/CO2/CO/SO2
921          NO/N2
921P        NO/N2 in ppb
922          SO2/N2
922P        SO2/N2 in ppb
923          CO/N2
924          CO2/O2/N2
924P        CO2/N2 in ppb
925          C3H8/N2
925A        C3H8/AIR
925M       CH4/N2
925MA     CH4/AIR
926         N2 100% (5.0)
927         Air
928         H2 100% (5.0)
928H       H2/He 40/60%
929         HCl/N2
929I        I-C4H8/N2
929N      NO2/N2
929S      H2S/N2


Gas Cylinders

– Packaged Weight: 15 kg (B11), 1 package per cylinder with safety marking

Pressure-reducing valves by themselves

– Ref. 931: double stage stainless steel C connector
– Ref. 932: double stage brass C or E connector (specify when ordering)
– Packaged weight: 3 kg, 1 box