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Heated probes item 845 et 846

Heated portable sampling probe with filter.
Fitted with a ceramic filter and a 60 cm long, 6 mm diameter stainless steel tube.


– Stainless steel probe
– Sampling temperature: 600 °C max.
– 2μm ceramic filter
– Heats up to 180°C
– Packaged weight 5 kg, 1 package
– Recommended for use with: 831, 834, 822


Key Points


Gas Cylinders Item 916 to 929S

Gas cylinders are delivered with a stainless steel or brass AFNOR type C or E pressure reducing valve connector.
Consumption is calculated from the difference in incoming and outgoing pressure, corrected for temperature.
CleanAir can provide a wide range of working standard gases (contact us for more details).
These gases are dispatched with a hazardous material declaration.

Pure gases and standard work gases are certified.

Article      Compound
916          NH3/N2
917          N2O/N2
920          O2/CO2/CO/SO2
921          NO/N2
921P        NO/N2 in ppb
922          SO2/N2
922P        SO2/N2 in ppb
923          CO/N2
924          CO2/O2/N2
924P        CO2/N2 in ppb
925          C3H8/N2
925A        C3H8/AIR
925M       CH4/N2
925MA     CH4/AIR
926         N2 100% (5.0)
927         Air
928         H2 100% (5.0)
928H       H2/He 40/60%
929         HCl/N2
929I        I-C4H8/N2
929N      NO2/N2
929S      H2S/N2


Gas Cylinders

– Packaged Weight: 15 kg (B11), 1 package per cylinder with safety marking

Pressure-reducing valves by themselves

– Ref. 931: double stage stainless steel C connector
– Ref. 932: double stage brass C or E connector (specify when ordering)
– Packaged weight: 3 kg, 1 box

Gilair 5 item 462

This personal sampling pump is used to sample various pollutants, dust, VOCs and hydrocarbons. It is used in ambient air.

The GilAir-5 sampling pump can be used for constant flows from 0.5 to 5 l/min. A low flow rate module can be added for lower flows, for either constant flow or constant pressure.

The Gilair 5 is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry.


– Intrinsic safety
– Adjustable flowrate from 850 cc/min to 5000 cc/min and 20- 500 cc with low flow module.
– Battery Life: 8 hours approx.
– Packaged weight for 6 pumps: 7.5 kg, 1 case.
– Weight of a pump: 0.7 kg with charger
– Recommended for use with: 475



Aircon II item 466

This high volume sampling system provides an extended range of flowrates.

Designed to collect particles in a factory, it is completely programmable so that you can perform sampling without operator intervention for up to 99 hours.

It can be used for constant flowrates from 2 to 30 liters per minute.

The Aircon II is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry. It is especially used for sampling asbestos at 7 l/min.


– Completely programmable
– Flowrate adjustable from 2 l/min to 30 l/min.
– Temperate Ranges :
   Operating : -20  C to +45 °C
   Storage : -40 °C to +45 °C
– Instantaneous pressure
– Instantaneous “fault” function
– Battery Life : 8 hours
– Packaged weight : 10 kg


Dry Cal-DC Lite item 475

This machine measures the displacement time of a graphite piston in a glass cylinder to calculate volumetric flow in liters per minute. Flow is measured step by step, continuously or continuously with the average. It is used to adjust individual pumps. Specification – Scale from 100 ml/min to 7l/min. – Packaged weight: 2 kg – […]

2030 item 198

This analyzer can measure a large number of compounds. Its sensitivity varies between percentage and parts per million ranges depending on the compound and the application.
The MKS 2030 uses the FTIR detection principle.
It is mainly used for measuring atmospheric discharges, adjusting processes, yield of catalytic converters and engine exhausts.
It consists of a patented FTIR 2102 spectrometer with a high resolution optical bench. The software includes various applications and has a library of spectra by compound for quantitative analysis of molecules.


– Measurement Ranges : from 1 ppm to 100 % depending on the gas component.
– Units : ppm, %
– Sensitivity : to the ppm for multiple components.
– Sample flow-rate : 0.2 to 10 l/mn.
– Sample : < 200 °C and < 30%V humidity.
– Outputs : RJ-45 Ethernet, analog
– Voltage: 110 or 240 V 50/60 Hz, 3 amps
– Packaged weight : 50 kg
– Recommended for use with : 813, 830, 846, 622, 926, 923

Key Points

– Requires liquid nitrogen to operate.
– Portable computer provided with software pre-installed and configured.

4100 & 6100A item 620 et 622

These 12 channel recorders have analog inputs for voltage, current and a thermocouple output.

User configurations and measurement data can both be saved.

Results are processed with dedicated software and can be converted to Excel if necessary.

The 6100A model has a USB port.


– Voltage inputs : 20 mV, 60 mV, 200 mV, 2 V, 6 V and 20 V
– Current inputs : available with a shunt resistor
– Thermocouple inputs : R, S, B, K, E, J, T, N, W, L and U
– Data Storage : 26 hours with 1 point/min on each channel
– Software : yes
– Model 6100 A : USB port
– Packaged weight : 5 kg
– Number of packages : 1


Key Points

– Recorder, bar graph or display mode
– History stored in memory

Mak 10.2 item 820

This machine is a gas cooler driven by a R134 fluid compressor.

The portable MAK 10.2 is accurate, safe and stable.

Its unique gas cooling and separation technology enables low and constant dewpoints of 3 °C to be achieved.

It comes in both portable and rack mounted versions.


– Two gas inlets
– Two pre-separators for dewpoint > 65 °C
– Two heat exchangers
– Two condensate pumps
– Two Teflon filters
– Max flow: 4.5 l/min for relative humidity at 10 %