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This system is suitable for the measurement of the biogas in a single point, and performs continuous measurement of CH4, CO2,CO, O2 and H2S.

The MCA 100 P is the portable version of the MCA 100 Bio and has been designed for those who need to monitor the composition of the biogas at several points.

The analyzer is mounted inside a hard case impact resistant, equipped with touch screen monitor ( 5.7”), capable of recording up to 1000 data analysis, has an autonomy of 8 hours.


CH4, CO and CO2 board NDIR based


O2, H2S board electro chemical cell based



– Ranges :

  • CH4 0…100 vol% (NDIR)
  • CO2 0…50% (NDIR)
  • CO 0…1% (NDIR)
  • O2 0…25 vol% (ECD)
  • H2S 0…5000 ppm (ECD)
  • Calorific Value

– Unit : %, PPM

– Data logging : Yes

– Software : Yes

– Internal pump : Yes

– Analog output : No

– Weigth : 8 kg

– Number of box : 1

– Recommended for use with: 822

Key Points :

– Real-Time analysis

– Remotable by Ethernet

– Trend of the last 30 minutes for each measured compound

– Dust filter on sample line

– Sampling pump

– Data Download .csv format by USB port




Gilair 5 item 462

This personal sampling pump is used to sample various pollutants, dust, VOCs and hydrocarbons. It is used in ambient air.

The GilAir-5 sampling pump can be used for constant flows from 0.5 to 5 l/min. A low flow rate module can be added for lower flows, for either constant flow or constant pressure.

The Gilair 5 is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry.


– Intrinsic safety
– Adjustable flowrate from 850 cc/min to 5000 cc/min and 20- 500 cc with low flow module.
– Battery Life: 8 hours approx.
– Packaged weight for 6 pumps: 7.5 kg, 1 case.
– Weight of a pump: 0.7 kg with charger
– Recommended for use with: 475



Aircon II item 466

This high volume sampling system provides an extended range of flowrates.

Designed to collect particles in a factory, it is completely programmable so that you can perform sampling without operator intervention for up to 99 hours.

It can be used for constant flowrates from 2 to 30 liters per minute.

The Aircon II is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry. It is especially used for sampling asbestos at 7 l/min.


– Completely programmable
– Flowrate adjustable from 2 l/min to 30 l/min.
– Temperate Ranges :
   Operating : -20  C to +45 °C
   Storage : -40 °C to +45 °C
– Instantaneous pressure
– Instantaneous “fault” function
– Battery Life : 8 hours
– Packaged weight : 10 kg


C.A.Th.I.A item 470

This device is used for special sampling, particularly asbestos.
The C.A.Th.I.A head is an Alveolar Inhalable Thoracic Aerosol Sensor.
The filter is held between 2 rings which are part of the filter cassette covers so that the whole filter assembly can be removed. The operator does not have to handle the filter at all when installing and removing it.
The machine is supplied with a tripod on request.


– Three selectors : alveolar, inhalable and thoracic
– Flowrate 7l/min
– Filter Cassette-Holder for 37 mm diameter filters
– Meets EN 481, ISO 7708 and FD CEN/TR 15230 standards
– Thoracic selector meets standard NFX 43-050
– Recommended for use with : 466, 475