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J2KN item 137

This analyzer can continuously measure O2, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2 for several hours on 2 MW boilers, engines, turbines and so forth.The Ecom J2kn uses the principle of an electrochemical cell. It includes a pressure sensor and up to 6 electrochemical cells.The remote control box operates up to 50 m away.It has a heated […]

C.A.Th.I.A item 470

This device is used for special sampling, particularly asbestos.The C.A.Th.I.A head is an Alveolar Inhalable Thoracic Aerosol Sensor.The filter is held between 2 rings which are part of the filter cassette covers so that the whole filter assembly can be removed. The operator does not have to handle the filter at all when installing and […]

AP 360 item 241

This machine measures O3 in the open air to determine air quality or to set a zero baseline before building construction work is carried out.The Horiba AP360 uses the principle of UV fluorescence.It can be used after a dilution system on a high concentration application (such as emissions). Caractéristiques – Measurement Range : 0-1000 ppb– […]

Dry Cal-DC Lite item 475

This machine measures the displacement time of a graphite piston in a glass cylinder to calculate volumetric flow in liters per minute. Flow is measured step by step, continuously or continuously with the average. It is used to adjust individual pumps. Specification – Scale from 100 ml/min to 7l/min. – Packaged weight: 2 kg – […]

49i item 243

This machine is used to measure ozone in ambient air.The Thermo 49i uses the principle of ultraviolet photometric analysis.It is temperature and pressure compensated.  Specification – Measurement Range : 0 to 100 ppb and 0 to 200 ppm– Units : ppm, ppb, μg/m3, mg/m3– Detection Limit : 1 ppb– Data storage : 5000 measurement points– […]

43C item 250

Cet appareil permet de mesurer le SO2.Le Thermo 43C utilise le principe de la photométrie dans l’ultraviolet. Il possède un dispositif de compensation de température et de pression.Il peut mesurer le H2S ou TRS après un convertisseur à oxydation thermique. Caractéristiques – Gamme de mesure : programmable de 0-1-100ppm– Seuil de détection : 1 ppb– […]