Aircon II item 466

This high volume sampling system provides an extended range of flowrates.

Designed to collect particles in a factory, it is completely programmable so that you can perform sampling without operator intervention for up to 99 hours.

It can be used for constant flowrates from 2 to 30 liters per minute.

The Aircon II is used in occupational health and safety, the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, interior air measurements and the pharmaceutical industry. It is especially used for sampling asbestos at 7 l/min.


– Completely programmable
– Flowrate adjustable from 2 l/min to 30 l/min.
– Temperate Ranges :
   Operating : -20  C to +45 °C
   Storage : -40 °C to +45 °C
– Instantaneous pressure
– Instantaneous “fault” function
– Battery Life : 8 hours
– Packaged weight : 10 kg